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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8

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Graphics Suite

User Interface

Support for UltraHD 4K displays

An updated interface and support for 4K displays let you comfortably view the applications on even UltraHD (ultra high definition) monitors.


Advanced multi-monitor support

CorelDRAW® and Corel® PHOTO-PAINT® function reliably across multiple monitors of varying DPI, on all supported operating systems.


Optimized for Windows 10 support

With support for Windows 10, you can confidently use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 on the latest Windows operating system


Customize Desktop color

You can change the color of the desktop, the area surrounding the drawing page in CorelDRAW or the image in Corel PHOTO-PAINT to suit your documents


Fully scalable and customizable UI

You can adapt your design space to your needs with the updated and fully customizable interface. Newly designed icons allow scaling up to 250%. You can lighten or darken the application background by choosing a theme.



Choose from a variety of workspaces designed for different proficiency levels and specific tasks: Page Layout and Illustration, a Classic option for longtime users, a Lite option for new users, and workspaces with the look and feel of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator


Customize color of window borders

You can customize the color of window borders in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT to match your personal preference


Simple customization

Tailor the toolbox, dockers, and property bars to suit your workflow using the new Quick Customize buttons.

Overflow buttons

For tablet and mobile device users, overflow buttons indicate the presence of additional tools, dockers and controls that don’t fit within the workspace.

Multiple document interface

Work with multiple documents in a tabbed view.

Undocking documents

Drag a document outside of the application window to undock it when working with multiple documents

Windows Touch support

Navigate with your fingertips with support for the latest touch-screen technology from Windows. (Touch-screen computer required).


Welcome Screen

The new Product Details page in the Welcome screen is your one-stop source for the latest on the suite and your user account. Learn about your product or subscription, account status, product updates, available resources, workspace selection and the new Upgrade Program


Drawing Tools

Support for Real-Time Stylus (RTS)

You can now take full advantage of the pressure and tilt of your RTS-compatible pen, tablet or device to control your brushstrokes in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.


Hide and display objects

CorelDRAW allows you to hide objects and groups of objects, helping you edit objects in complex projects and experiment with your designs more easily.


Copy curve segments

CorelDRAW lets you copy and cut curve segments, and then paste them as objects, making it easy to extract subpaths or create adjacent shapes with similar contours.


Select adjacent nodes

CorelDRAW offers enhanced node selection. You can now select adjacent nodes on curves by using the Shape tool while holding down Shift


Edit Fill dialog box

The Edit Fill dialog box in gives you more efficient access to all available fill controls, and provides a real-time preview as you make adjustments.


Fill Picker

With both CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, the Fill picker makes browsing, searching, previewing, and selecting fills quick and easy. The Fill picker also provides access to both locally stored fills and those available in the Content Exchange.

Fill creation

Instantly create and save bitmap pattern and vector pattern fountain fills from selected objects in your workspace.

Smoothing vector objects

Remove jagged edges and reduce nodes in curve objects with the Smooth tool

Fountain fills

Create elliptical and rectangular fountain fills, apply transparency to individual fill color nodes, repeat a fill within a filled object, adjust a fill's angle of rotation and smooth the blend transition of a fountain fill.

Smear, Twirl, Attract and Repel

Explore creative options for refining your vector objects.

Coordinate drawing

Precisely specify both the size of a object and its location on the page with the Object Coordinates docker.

Vector and bitmap pattern fills

Preview, apply, and interactively transform both vector pattern and bitmap pattern fills using enhanced controls in the Object Properties docker. You can also save fills you've created or modified using the new .FILL format.


Enhanced Knife Tool

The enhanced Knife tool lets you split vector objects, text, and bitmaps. You can split single objects or groups of objects along any path.


Mesh Fill

Design multi-colored filled objects with more fluid color transitions. Reveal objects behind individual nodes with a transparency option.


Use enhanced Eyedropper and Paintbucket tools to efficiently copy color, object properties, effects and transformations from one object to others.

Smart Fill Tool

Apply a fill to any enclosed area quickly. (Only applies to vector)

Curve Tools

Create smoother curves, using fewer nodes than previously, with the B-Spline tool.

Dimensions & Callouts

Find improved dimension tools together in one convenient flyout.

Limited Feature Availability

Connector lines

Easily create diagrams and flowcharts with a new Connector Line tool that dynamically updates your chart so that lines remain connected as you reposition your boxes.

Limited Feature Availability

Font Manager

Corel Font Manager lets you easily handle, organize, and explore your typeface and font collections by giving you tools to control every aspect of your typography workflow.


Font list box

With the new Font list box in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you can view, filter, and find fonts easily.


Font Playground

Browse, experiment, preview and choose the perfect font using the Font Playground docker

OpenType support for Asian text

Apply advanced OpenType typography features, such as widths, forms, vertical metrics, kana glyph alternatives and rotation to Asian text.

Special characters, symbols, and glyphs

The revamped Insert Character docker presents all characters, symbols and glyphs associated with a selected font, making it easier than ever to find these items and then insert them into your documents.


Advanced OpenType support

Take greater advantage of advanced OpenType typography features, such as contextual and stylistic alternates, fractions, ligatures, ordinals, ornaments, small caps, swashes, and more.

Complex script support

Ensure proper typesetting for glyphs used by Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

Font embedding

Embed fonts when you save CorelDRAW documents so that recipients can view, print, and edit the document exactly as designed.


Image Editing

Correct perspective distortions

You can now correct perspective distortions in photos that have straight lines and flat surfaces such as architectural photos and photos of buildings.


Healing Clone

The new Healing Clone tool in Corel PHOTO-PAINT lets you fix imperfections seamlessly by painting with sampled texture that matches the color of the surrounding area.


Gaussian Blur effect

The Gaussian Blur special effect in Corel PHOTO-PAINT is available as a lens that lets you blur images non-destructively

Liquid tools

In Corel PHOTO-PAINT, four pressure-sensitive Liquid tools—Smear, Attract, Repel, and Twirl—offer fresh creative options for retouching photos.

Unsharp Mask Lens

Sharpen photos by increasing the contrast of adjacent pixels while preserving both high- and low-frequency details, such as edges and large structures.

Interactive brushstroke transparency and feathering

Use modifier keys to interactively adjust the transparency and feathering of brushstrokes.

Special effects

Corel PHOTO-PAINT introduces new camera effects, including Bokeh blur, Colorize, Sepia Toning, and Time Machine.

Planar Mask tool

Use the new Planar Mask tool in Corel PHOTO-PAINT to define a feathered editable area along parallel lines. When combined with a blur effect, you can simulate depth of field, giving focus to a particular object while blurring areas outside the planar mask.

Lens corrections

Adjust your images to remove pincushion and barrel distortions with the new Correct lens distortion slider in the Straighten Image dialog box.

Smart Carver

Easily remove unwanted areas from a photo and simultaneously adjust the photo’s aspect ratio.

Pass Through Merge Mode

Achieve greater control when applying a lens or effect to a group of objects.

Photo effects

Spice up your photos with Vibrance, Grayscale and Photo Filter effects.

Straighten image

Quickly and easily straighten images with interactive controls.

Tone curve adjustments

Adjust image tone with more accuracy and precision.

Limited Feature Availability
Design Workflow

Drop shadows with Gaussian Blur feathering

Drop shadows in CorelDRAW now look more realistic because they use Gaussian Blur feathering


Expand your collection of creative tools

Download free or purchase applications, plug-ins, and extensions directly from within CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT


Align and Distribute docker

The Align and Distribute docker provides quick and easy access to all available alignment options so that you can position objects with precision.

QR codes

Create unique QR codes that include text, images and colors.

Finding complementary colors

Snap all colors in a color harmony to a rule-based system to modify those colors while preserving the color harmony.

Alignment and Dynamic Guides

View, set up and modify alignment guides. Use the Intelligent Spacing guides to position objects with the same spacing as nearby objects, and the Intelligent Dimensioning guides scale or rotate an object in relation to nearby objects.

Outline Position

Several new Outline Position options let you specify whether an outline is positioned inside the object, outside the object, or an equal combination of both.

Object Styles previews

Preview a style before it's applied with the new pop-up in the Object Styles docker.

Color Harmonies

Group a document's color styles so that you can quickly and easily produce iterative designs with varying color schemes.

Freehand Pick tool

Save time and gain control when selecting objects by using the new Freehand Pick tool, which lets you drag a freehand marquee around the objects or shapes you want to select.

Create Clip Mask option

Apply a clip mask on a group of objects without modifying the individual objects within the group.

Color Styles docker

View, arrange and edit color styles and color harmonies using the enhanced Color Styles docker. Add the colors used in a document as color styles, which makes it easier than ever before to implement a color change throughout a project.


Document color palettes

Automatically generate a custom color palette on the fly for each design project. You gain quick access to this project's colors in the future.

Windows Color System Support

Easily match colors between Corel and Microsoft applications.

Adobe Color Management Module

Easily match colors between Corel and Adobe applications.

Context-sensitive Object Properties docker

The redesigned Object Properties docker has a new tab option that presents only one group of formatting controls at a time, making it easier to focus on the task at hand. Fine-tune your designs with object-dependent formatting options.



New Transparency settings make it faster and easier to apply and adjust object transparency.


Styles engine and docker

Easily create outline, fill, character, and paragraph styles and Style Sets, which are groups of styles that you can later edit once and have the changes applied instantly throughout a project.


Color management

Set application color policies to achieve the most accurate color representation with the Default Color Management Settings dialog, which gives greater control to advanced users.


PANTONE spot color palettes

Get support for the latest spot color palettes, plus new palettes from PANTONE.


PDF/A support

Preserve files for future use with the PDF/A file format, an ISO standard for electronic archiving.

Adobe product support

Ensure a seamless workflow across Corel and Adobe applications with added support for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PDF/A, and Acrobat X.

Microsoft product support

Enjoy an expanded range of support for Microsoft Publisher (ver. 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010), as well as Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Visio® (2000-2007).

AutoCAD DWG/DXF support

Work with the latest file format support for standard CAD file (exchange) formats.

Built-in RAW camera support

Import and adjust RAW camera files directly from your digital camera (with support for over hundreds of cameras), and preview changes in real time.

(> 400 camera models


(> 300 camera models


Vectorization of bitmaps

Smoothly convert bitmaps into editable vector graphics with Corel PowerTRACE™.

PDF with comments

Preserve all comments and annotations when importing a PDF file to better collaborate with clients and colleagues.

Font identification

Save time by identifying fonts directly from CorelDRAW, using the integrated WhatTheFont™ tool from MyFonts.com.

Purchasing Choices

Learn more about the product and your account

The new Product Details page in the Welcome screen keeps you up-to-date on the suite and your user account.


Upgrade Program

Stay current with the affordable new CorelDRAW Upgrade Program. This easyto-own plan gives you the latest full version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and all of its applications.


Multi-Seat license

Purchase a single serial number for use by several registered users..


Get CorelDRAW Graphics Suite on an annual basis.

Learning Materials and Documentation

Take a tour

New to graphics software, an experienced user, or someone familiar with other graphics applications, there's a start-up tour to help you quickly get up to speed and take full advantage of the features and tools of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8


Accessing eBooks

The CorelDRAW X8 User Guide and Corel PHOTO-PAINT X8 User Guide are bring the most comprehensive information about product features to your eBook reader


Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide highlights useful tools and features, helping you get started quickly.

Content notification

The redesigned Welcome Screen notifies you when new content, application updates and learning resources are available.

Hints docker

The enhanced Hints docker gives you quick access to additional resources such as video hints, longer videos, and written tutorials, so you can learn more about a tool or feature without having to search.


Video tutorials and video hints

Learn about popular design tasks through helpful video tutorials and video hints.

Over 5 hours of training videos, plus 9 “What's New” videosMore than 5 hours of training videos, with 1.5 hours of new content(More than 2 hours of training videos)(More than 2 hours of training videos)(More than 2 hours of training videos)

Insights from experts

Learn from CorelDRAW experts who showcase practical, real-world examples of accomplished designs.

Deployment and Automation

Developer Community site

With support from the new Developer Community site, you can create your own automation tools. Visit www.community.coreldraw.com/sdk.


Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2012 enables you to customize your CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Experience using Visual Basic.Net and Visual C#, integrating with Visual Studio 2012 Professional (or above) to create macros leveraging the .Net Framework.

Windows Installer (MSI) support

Efficiently deploy software with MSI support and a Deployment Guide available for IT administrators.



Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications

Automate your workflow and creative tasks.

Printing & Publishing

Prep & Stretch docker

The new Prep and Stretch docker in Corel PHOTO-PAINT lets you prepare your photos and images for canvas printing in three easy steps achieve the perfect composition for your wall art.


Border and Grommet for banner printing

With the new Border and Grommet dialog box in CorelDRAW, you can add borders and grommet markers to prepare banners for printing


On-screen color proof

Reliably preview how your artwork and colors will appear on different output devices or in other applications where you need to post your artwork.

Preflight Control

Perform a quality check before printing, exporting or publishing your file to PDF. Preflight Control identifies issues and potential problems, and provides suggestions for resolving them.

Print Merge

Combine text from a data source with a drawing to quickly create personalized invitations, labels, and other projects.

Limited Feature Availability
Accessing Design Assets

Syncing trays with Microsoft OneDrive

Sync Corel CONNECT trays with Microsoft OneDrive for cloud-based access to your projects on other computers or mobile devices.

Content Exchange

Explore the interactive Content Exchange, an online repository that’s fully integrated with the suite’s applications. Share vector fills, bitmap fills and fountain fills with our community of users, and vote for your favorites.

Advanced content organizer

The refined Corel® CONNECT™ provides access to all included content, while also helping you acquire additional content from online vendors. Work with several trays concurrently, which gives you increased flexibility for organizing assets for multiple projects.

Blank Document/Image presets

Choose from a range of preset destinations, document sizes and color settings with the Create New Document/ Image dialog box.

Template search and enhanced preview

Find the right template for the job with the redesigned New From Template dialog box, which includes an enhanced preview feature.

High-quality Thumbnail previews

Easily find and organize CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT™ files.

Layout Tools

Master Layers

Master Layers make it easier to create page-specific designs for your multi-page documents.

Page numbers

Easily add page numbers—alphabetic, numeric, or roman—on all pages of a document, starting on a specific page, or starting at a particular number.

Placeholder text

Right-click any text frame and immediately populate it with placeholder text, which makes it easier to assess the appearance of your document prior to finalizing its content.

Live text formatting

Preview text formatting changes in real time before applying them to the document.

Interactive frames

Populate PowerClip objects with placeholder graphic and text frames, making it easier to preview your design before finalizing the individual content components.


Create and import tables to provide structured layouts for text and graphics.

International quotation marks

Customize quotation marks for specific languages.

Limited Feature Availability

Website creation

Design, build and maintain a web presence using Corel® Website Creator™. With dozens of templates and SiteStyles, support for CSS3 and HTML5 capabilities, you can create websites without learning how to code.

Design in pixels

View and create drawings in actual pixel units with the Pixel Preview mode, which gives you a more accurate representation of how your design will appear on the Web.


Professional clipart

Kick start your creativity with over 10,000 clipart images and more thank 2,000 vehicle templates for your designs and projects

High-quality photos

Enhance your designs with 2,000 high-quality photos at your creative disposal.

Specialized fonts

Choose from an extensive font selection that contains over 1,000 professional fonts, plus popular design and engraving fonts.

Design templates

Get going quickly with more than 375 professionally designed templates

(Over 90 new templates)(~80 new templates)

Native 64-bit

Work faster than ever before with large files thanks to native support for 64-bit processors.

Multi-core support

Complete your tasks faster with powerful performance enhancements that leverage multi-core processing to maximize your computer's power.

Dynamic product updates

Get immediate access to the latest product updates, new content, and tips and tricks.